Dec 12, 2022

Kurdistan 24 has set itself a challenge: to provide up-to-date, impartial, and quality information to the widest possible Kurdish-speaking public in the region. We seek to promote tolerance, democracy, and human rights. Kurdistan 24 will be at the heart of the democratization of Kurdistan.

Our network delivers across a range of media: television, radio, and the web. Kurdistan 24 broadcasts in the Sorani and Kurmanji dialects of Kurdish, English, and Turkish while our website is available in Kurdish, English, Turkish, Arabic, and Farsi. Kurdistan 24’s aim is to transform the media landscape of Kurdistan.

Free and rapid access to unbiased information is one of the essential underpinnings of any democratic society. Our team of journalists and technicians strive for the highest possible standards.

At Kurdistan 24, we value integrity as much as professionalism. To this end, we invited a team of trainers from the highly reputed France24 TV to help with all aspects of the training of our staff. We aim to be the pulse of Kurdistan, to be at the heart of events and reflect the life of the region in all its variety.

It is our goal to become the benchmark for new journalism throughout the region. We set no limits to our curiosity. Kurdistan is a part of the wider world, and we reflect this in our output.


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