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Kurdsat is the second television channel to have appeared in the Iraqi Kurdish media landscape. This TV station mainly broadcasts in Kurdish, but also presents programs in Persian or Arabic. At its launch, Kurdsat confined its coverage to the Iraqi Kurdish territory, but the channel rapidly saw its sphere of influence to widen due to its presence on HOTBIRD, making it available to viewers in Europe and the rest of the Middle East.

Broadcasting since its launch in 2000 from its studios based in Sulaymaniyah, the channel now offers a very diverse range of content. If you have a special connection with Kurdish culture or are a lover of the Kurds, you will certainly be excited by the schedule of Kurdsat programs. With its mix of programs targeted at the young, modern Kurds, older people and those who need factual programming, the channel has adapted to the tastes of most of the Kurdish people. It offers a wide range of programs through which you can identify yourself and stay aware of the realities of this autonomous community. Belonging to the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan political movement, Kurdsat naturally attaches great importance to political issues. However, it goes well beyond its news channel vocation by offering documentaries, TV shows, talk shows and a variety of entertainment programs. Some TV shows are interactive and thus give you the opportunity to intervene and express your opinion on various topics. It’s Free TV on Hotbird Eutelsat/Nilesat satellites so anyone can dive into the heart of the daily lives of Iraqi Kurds.

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