Dec 12, 2022

The history of Nalia Radio and Television (NRT) goes back to the days when there were no independent media networks in the Kurdistan Region.
In 2010, a group of freelance journalists came up with the idea of taking the lead to fill that void and launch the first ever independent media network, funded by Nalia, a construction company.
The corporation’s aim is to transfer news in a professional and standard way while staying true to its slogan of ‘Courage, Balance and Truth’.
Aside from its main office in Sulaimani, the NMC also has offices in Erbil, Baghdad, Brussels, Paris, London, Washington, Diyarbakir and more.
Nalia Media Corporation (NMC) consists of:
1 – NRT HD: A satellite news channel established in 2010 that broadcasts in Sorani and Badini Kurdish.
2 – NRT2: An arts and entertainment channel launched in 2012.
3 – NRT Arabic: A satellite news channel launched in 2016.
4 – NRT Digital Media: A division of NRT managing six websites and three mobile apps founded in 2011.
5 – Nalia FM: A radio station broadcasting music and news launched in 2010.
6 – Nalia Media Academy: A training institute focusing on media careers founded in 2015.
7 – Pam Media: A production company that produces advertisements for commercial products or services established in 2014


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