Zagros TV

Dec 15, 2022
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Created in March 2007 with the objective of setting up a ‘credible alternative to traditional media’ in Kurdistan, Zagros TV is a satellite television channel that produces and broadcasts content exclusively in the Kurdish language. It therefore mainly targets viewers who live in this part of the world as well as the Kurdish diaspora. The channel’s name refers to the famous Zagros Mountains with its headquarters situated not far away in the town of Erbil. Zagros TV is owned by the Kurdistan Democratic Party, which justifies the noticeable political stance in its editing. The channel also offers programmes that extend outside the political sphere. It is in effect, an instrument through which the citizens of Kurdistan as well as lovers of Kurdish culture can stay connected to both social and news events. Zagros TV also allows Kurds to explore other cultures.
The network of programmes available on Zagros TV is largely dedicated to current affairs in Kurdistan with informative programmes and debates reporting on, and analyzing the news in real time. During analytical parts of programmes, viewers are invited to join in with debates and interact via social media on political, social and economic topics. Zagros TV also offers entertainment shows to its audiences and has something for all age groups including drama series, documentaries and music tracks.


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